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Brownian movement, Olympian, access, accession, accretion, accrual, accruement, accumulation, addition, advance, aerial, aggrandizement, airy, altitudinous, amplification, anabasis, anabatic, angular motion, appreciation, ascendant, ascending, ascension, ascensional, ascensive, ascent, aspiring, augmentation, axial, axial motion, back, back-flowing, backflowing, backing, backward, backward motion, ballooning, bearing, bloating, boom, boost, broadening, buildup, bushing, career, chassis, clamber, climb, climbing, colossal, course, crescendo, current, descending, descent, development, direction, dominating, down-trending, downward, downward motion, dress rehearsal, drift, driftage, drifting, ebbing, edema, elevated, elevation, eminent, enlargement, escalade, ethereal, exalted, expansion, extension, flight, flood, flow, flowing, fluent, flux, flying, forward motion, fountain, frame, gain, going, greatening, growth, gush, gyrational, gyratory, gyring up, haughty, high, high-pitched, high-reaching, high-set, high-up, hike, in the ascendant, increase, increment, inflation, infrastructure, jet, jump, leap, leaping, levitation, lofty, mise-en-scene, monumental, mount, multiplication, oblique motion, ongoing, onrush, outtopping, overlooking, overtopping, passage, passing, plunging, production, productiveness, progress, progressive, proliferation, prominent, radial motion, raise, rampant, random motion, rearing, reflowing, refluence, refluent, reflux, regression, regressive, rehearsal, retrogression, retrogressive, rise, rising, rocketing up, rotary, rotational, rotatory, run, run-through, running, rush, rushing, saltation, saltatory, scandent, scansorial, set, setting, shooting up, sideward, sideward motion, sinking, skeleton, skyrocketing, snowballing, soaring, spiraling, spiring, spout, spread, spring, springing, spurt, stage management, staging, steep, sternway, stream, streaming, sublime, subsiding, superlative, supernal, surge, swelling, takeoff, taking off, topless, toplofty, topping, towering, towery, traject, trajet, trend, tumescence, underframe, up, up-trending, uparching, upclimb, upcoming, updraft, upgang, upgo, upgoing, upgrade, upgrowth, uphill, uphillward, upleap, uplift, uplifted, upping, upreared, uprisal, uprise, uprising, uprush, upshoot, upslope, upsloping, upsurge, upsurgence, upsweep, upswing, uptrend, upturn, upward, upward motion, upwith, vault, walk-through, waxing, widening, zooming

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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